Pet policy

We know that pets are part of the family, and for this reason, Hostal Les Fonts opens its doors to people with pets.

For good coexistence with people who do NOT have pets, and so that there is a good use of our facilities, we have this policy:

  • Hostal Les Fonts only allows a maximum of one pet per room, always with prior reservation and subject to availability.
  • The stay of a pet has a cost of 25 € / stay, in concept of cleaning of the room, as long as it has accepted our conditions explained here.
  • The pet owner will sign this liability agreement upon arrival at the property and provide a credit card as a guarantee for the pet’s access to the property. The owner is responsible for damage and destruction caused beyond the cleaning of the room. Additional charges may apply to the card in the event that the pet causes clutter, furniture damage or hygiene issues by misusing the furniture or linen in the room. The customer will pay the amount to complete the damage caused.
  • The use of bed linen, pillows, towels, etc. is strictly prohibited. For your pet’s use. Do not allow the animal to climb on beds, sofas, armchairs, furniture, etc. If you want to dry or clean your legs after a walk, do not use the hostel towels.
  • Owners are responsible for picking up the physiological needs of their pet at all times.

We ask pet owners to respect coexistence with the rest of our guests, following these rules:

  • When entering or leaving the hostel, or inside it, the dog must be fastened with a leash, in his arms or in a transport box.
  • The pet owner should never leave the hostel grounds leaving their pet alone in the room. However, if you leave your pet unaccompanied, it must remain in the transport box during your absence and you must inform the reception.
  • Your pet must have the appropriate medical certifications confirming the updated vaccines. And you should have insurance. The pet will be required to be in optimal hygienic condition.
  • If another guest complains about your pet’s barking, noise or behavior, you will need to take him out of the hostel.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • An animal blanket / towel or cot to sleep in the room. Its smell will reassure you of the strange environment.
  • Food, water and their containers. It’s not always easy to find the food you like when you travel.
  • Garbage collection bags.
  • The documentation of the animal. It is recommended that you carry a plate with your mobile phone in case of leakage or loss.
  • Necklace and strap.

Upon arrival:

  • Before entering the hostel or restaurant it is advisable to take a walk and let him do his needs. Strange places cause “accidents.”
  • Dogs like to mark their territory, but not allowing them to do so at the hotel entrance or in the room will not help make their stay enjoyable.
  • Keep your pet in good hygienic condition. Do not use the hostel towels or bathtub to wash or dry it.
  • In the case of coinciding his stay with that of a guest with phobias, fear, allergies, etc .; do your best so that your pet is not a nuisance to them.
  • If they meet at the hostel with other pet guests, be respectful and do not let their pets disturb the tranquility of the other guests.

• The comfort of the guests will be considered by the hotel as paramount.
• If these rules are not respected, Hostal Les Fonts reserves the right to cancel your reservation and / or invite you to leave the hostel.